WonderVendi is a project under Wonder Women that is taking on a new mission to break all the taboos prevailing in our society regarding menstruation. We are working to install pad-dispensing vending machines in all educational institutes. With WonderVendi, women won’t have to get awkward while purchasing a pad, it will be just one touch away from them. Another factor we took into consideration was to make sure we have consistent pricing on our product to eliminate any problems. Arguably, the most relatable thing in this world amongst all women would be to experience a period emergency in the washroom and not have a pad! Here, the most reliable option is to contact a friend if present nearby or to use toilet paper as a pad. To spare girls from embarrassment and avoid the fear of not having a pad, WonderVendi will dispense as many pads as one may want. We hope to generate a change that is much needed in today’s time. We are actively working towards the betterment of our society by implementing innovative initiatives. Breaking taboos and stigmas surrounding periods is on top of our to-do list.

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