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Wonder woman is breaking stereotypes by talking about the things no one talks about in this society. I am so glad we’re moving forward and breaking stigmas! Wonder woman is all about woman empowerment and i am so glad it talks about topics like periods that are considered taboo!

Nabia Mir

The whole initiative of wonder women can change the way young girls and women think about menstruation and taboo surrounding it. Having vending machines in places like schools and colleges can ease the painful experience of menstruation. Wonder women is also educating young girls and women about their bodies which can make experience of menstruation less difficult

Noor Hafsa


I’m a doctor by profession and I even I am reluctant to openly talk about periods in the society. I ask myself why? The society around us has made it such a big taboo and alot of girls just hide the period talk underneath their tongues. I appreciate wonderwomen for bringing awareness about so many period related problems and making it less difficult to talk about them.

Maria Arshad

Wonder Women has brought into light issues, that not only men but most women are also unaware of in the country. This was a much needed platform that is now bringing awareness about what women go through in their menstruation days. They are also giving the confidence and courage to talk about something (periods) that is completely natural.

Isra Munir Bajwa

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