About Us

Wonder Women is an organization that caters to all the aspects regarding feminine issues. Empowering women to embrace their position in society is of immense importance to us. Several issues run free in Pakistan that have sworn to bash women and neglect their opinions. We have recognized this filth and have made it our duty to remove it.

Our vision

To eradicate all the taboos regarding menstruation and eliminate period poverty. 

our goals

  • Make sure that no woman has to go through any trouble in accessing menstrual hygiene products.
  • Diminish taboos regarding menstruation.
  • Empower women to embrace this process.

Our Purpose & Vision

 Who are we?

Wonder Women is an organization aimed at eliminating the day-to-day problems our women have to go through.  It’s a high-time for toxic stereotypes and taboos to be marooned. Wonder Women is working on installing purpose-built vending machines that will provide females with sanitary napkins in educational institutions and work environments without any human interaction, in a secretive place. Our project is the first of its kind and aims at bringing comfort to the women of Pakistan; who over the years have faced severe criticism regarding a natural process their bodies go through. Wonder-Vendis will be installed in the washrooms for the women to access anytime, they require a need for it.


What are we doing?

Wonder Women has taken on a mission to help empower the women. A normal process of “menstruation” is frowned-upon when talked about in a gathering. The hesitation that lies when talking about it even to a doctor is owed to futile stigmas. We claim to be educated and advanced only to hide sanitary napkins in an opaque bag. Wonder women believes that regardless of gender, everyone deserves the comfort they need daily. We aim to see a change by giving women of Pakistan this comfort and by standing up for them.

How are we doing this?

We at Wonder Women have come up with a strategy targeting important factors and they prove to be as per the surveys that we held. Our target is to give women expedient access to sanitary pads by installing tailored wall-mounted vending machines in washrooms of academic institutes as are not easily available in institutes. Our vending machines will allow females to buy a pad without having to walk around in a “period emergency.” As for a woman living in Pakistan in today’s age and time, it is still a hassle to have basic sanitation needs to be met so its just in time that we bring a wave of revolution.

the problem

79% of women in Pakistan are not able to manage their periods hygienically.

the problem

44% of menstruating girls do not attend school due to severe cramps.

the problem

It was found that only 57.8 percent of educational institutes have sanitary pads available and only 26.7 percent of women are comfortable buying pads in public.

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