Our Values & Mission


To eradicate all the taboos attached to menstruation and eliminate period poverty. 


To ensure that the women in Pakistan get hygienic menstrual products and to reduce all the regarding taboos.


What We Do

 Wonder Women empowers women to  battle against all the existing feminine issues and to embrace their position in the society. Our hand goes out to all those women who have endured troubles selflessly. But now is the time for them to be selfish and take a stand. 



WonderVendi is a project under Wonder Women that is taking on a new mission to break all the taboos prevailing in our society regarding menstruation. We are working to install pad dispensing vending machines in all educational institutions. With WonderVendi, women won’t have to get awkward while purchasing a pad, it will be just one touch away from them.


Shame, stigma and misinformation surrounding menstruation are contributing to serious human rights concerns for women and girls around the globe. Its high time we should end this stigma and start normalizing period. Because a confident woman can nurture a confident nation.

Shiza Asad

We have a real stigma when it comes to mental health issues. We often tend to seek help for that. But my question is why not menstruation can be something to seek help for? Why does it become so difficult to ask for such help? You ever thought the reason girls say they are fine when they aren’t or they aren’t mad when they are. Because the moment they talk about it, they eventually become hysterical psychos?

Anoosha Khan

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